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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Must Be Love by Cathy Woodman

Vet Maz Harwood loves her job as a partner at a country vet practice in the picturesque town of Talyton St George. To add to her happiness, she's in love with the gorgeous Alex, and he seems to love her back. As the new year dawns, Maz can't help feeling that she's never been happier. But when her business partner Emma suffers a terrible tragedy, it's up to Maz to keep the practice going. Suddenly life is spiralling out of control, what with working all hours, fending off insults from Alex's parents, keeping one eye on the lusty locum, and dealing with Emma's precarious emotional state. It won't take much to upset the apple cart. So when Maz discovers she's pregnant, life gets even more complicated...
I really enjoyed Cathy Woodman's first book about Otter House Vets and have been looking forward to reading about what happens to Maz, Emma and Alex next. At the end of 'Trust Me, I'm a Vet' Emma was pregnant, Maz and Emma were partners in the vet's and Maz and Alex had finally started a relationship. This book continues from where it left us and it was like settling back into a well loved soap on the television.
This book covers a lot of the highs and lows of fertility and pregnancy, friends as business partners and the good old British weather! These themes are all within the day to day life at Otter Vet but as in the first book there is light hearted comedy, romance and tradegy within the book alongside the day to day life of a veterinary surgery.
I really enjoyed this book and am really hoping Cathy Woodman will be continuing with this series further. The village is portrayed as a close knit community and I would love to live in a country village like Talyton St George.
I would recommend this book to all and although it is the second book about Otter House Vets, the book could be read as a stand alone although read second, you will have the history of characters relationships etc. As I previously said, I absolutely adored this book and I laughed, cried, mourned and celebrated with the characters, and even shed a few tears at times.
Thank you to Cathy Woodman for sending me a copy of this book to review.
There is a great interview with Cathy Woodman at ChicklitReviews here:

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