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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Give a Little Love by Cathy Woodman

From Cathy Woodman, the bestselling author of Trust Me I'm a Vet, an exclusive short story featuring some of Talyton St George's best-loved characters

Three years after an accident left her in a wheelchair, artist Penny Diamond has made a new life for herself in a little cottage on the edge of Talyton St George.

Penny makes a living through her art, and with the aid of her assistance dog Sally and a carer who comes in during the day, she's managing to live an independent, if very quiet,life.

Until one day she gets a new carer. Declan is young - a lot younger than her - and he brings a breath of fresh air into her life. It doesn't hurt that he's also thoughtful, kind and good looking.

But what could a young man like Declan ever see in a woman like Penny? 

This is an exclusive story by Cathy Woodman, released before the ninth book in the series, Vets  on Call, is released 2 April 2015.

In this story we are introduced to Penny, who has been mentioned in previous books, and learn more about her. She is left in a wheelchair following an accident which killed her husband. She lived alone, relying upon a carer who came in to help her with everyday life. That was until Declan arrived one day - and has now moved in to become her lover and carer. She also has Trevor who, after the death of Sally, is her assistance dog, but he has a lot to learn.

This is a great read for anyone who, like me, is waiting for their next visit to Talyton St George. It is great to learn more about Penny, and Trevor, who also feature in Vets on Call.

Give me a Little Love is exclusively avaliable as an e-book.

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