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Friday, 27 February 2015

Zip It - a fancy book of fastenings (My Little World) by Patricia Hegarty and Fhiona Galloway (Illustrator)

Zip Froggy's mouth from side to side. See it shut, then open wide! Let little hands loose on this first book of fastenings, featuring a zip, button, laces and more!

Children love fastenings, opening and closing this, pulling zips  up and down, lifting velcro fastenings up and down and the concentration on a little one's face while trying to work out buttons is magical. There are also poppers and shoe laces to tie. This book allows them to practice all these skills and also to follow pictorial instructions. It is a very clever book which children will love looking at but also allowing them to gain skills to enable them to help getting themselves dressed and undressed. 

It would make a great present for children who will soon be starting nursery or reception when they need to be able to get themselves changed or just to gain some independence. The book is a great a great addition to any library which promotes language development and improves a child's motor skills while encouraging hand eye coordination. 

This is another fantastic book by Little Tiger Press who sent me the book in return for an honest review.

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