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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Blog Tour - The Mill River Redemption by Darcie Chan

The Mill River Redemption
Having unexpectedly lost her husband and lacking the means to support herself, Josie DiSanti and her two daughters take refuge in the small town of Mill River, to live with Josie's aunt, Ivy. The sisters, Rose and Emily, are inseparable growing up - until a shocking tragedy tears them apart.

Years later, Rose and Emily return to Mill River for the reading of their mother's will, where they learn that Josie would do anything to force their reconciliation: the sisters must move into neighbouring houses for the summer and work together to locate the key to Josie's safe deposit box, which contains their inheritance. And so, left with no choice, Rose and Emily reluctantly begin their search. But in a place known for its magic and miracles, little do they know that an even greater treasure awaits them . . . 

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Mill River Recluse, comes this enchanting story of family, self-discovery, love and forgiveness.

I found this book difficult to get into initially, however once I got there I was engrossed! It is a cleverly writen book which has many twists, some which were obvious but some, one in particular, came from nowhere.

The story covers a large time span - It begins when Josie arrives in Mill River with two young daughters, in 1938 and it ends in 2013, when Rose and Emily (Josie's daughters) return to Mill River following Josie's death. The sisters are estranged following a tradegy but Josie's death brings them back together. I really enjoyed this story, it was very heartfelt and I felt for both Rose and Emily. 

The story is told in the third person and is told from multiple perspectives which I found really easy to read and I enjoyed seeing things from many peoples point of view - it really added to the story and I think I will be finding the author's back catalogue to find out more about Mill River and the characters within.

The town of Mill River was introduced in Darcie Chan's first book, which includes many of the characters which are included in the background of this book but this book focuses on Josie, Emily and Rose. It really is a feel good book which will keep the reader enthralled on a long weekend or the cool autumn evenings which are just around the corner.

The Mill River Redemption by Darcie Chan (Sphere) is now available as an eBook

Thank you to the publishers, Sphere, for sending me this book to review and for inviting me to be part of the tour. 

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