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Saturday, 28 December 2013

GCSE Mathematics (Edexcel) Exam Practice Workbook Higher Level

GCSE Maths Edexcel Exam Practice Workbook with Answers & Online Edn: Higher

This book (plus free online edition) provides comprehensive, realistic exam practice in the style of the Higher Level Edexcel A & B GCSE Maths papers. There's a wide range of questions covering the whole course, with grades to indicate the difficulty level and helpful tips and guidance throughout. Detailed worked solutions are printed at the back of the book, with a complete mark scheme that makes it easy to check your progress. At the end of the book, there are two complete practice exams - and if you're stuck, you can watch online videos of CGP's Maths experts working through these exams. Last but not least, a free online digital edition of the entire book is also included - just use the unique code printed in the book to access it.

A mathematics workbook. It is GCSE higher level and has been written by the Edexcel examination board. Add to this the fantastic CGP publishers and the result is a fantastic resources for GCSE students to ensure their revision is going well.

The book is split into six sections covering the main areas of the mathematics GCSE: Numbers; Algebra; Graphs; Geometry and Measures; Pythagoras and Trigonometry; and Statistics and Probability. Each section has a number of topics within it covering the sylabus. 

One thing to remember about this book is that it is a WORKbook, not a text book. There are not any 'how to' pages or examples to follow. The book is full of questions with marks avaliable shown for each part of the question. The answers are also in the back of the book and the split of the marks avaliable are also given. 

There are also two practice exam papers within the book (one using a calculator and one non calculator paper). 

One very big plus point for this book is that there is an online code in the front of each copy which gives access to online resources. These resources include the examples to these practice papers and have worked solutions to the Practice Papers along with step-by-step video solutions. The online code also gives access to an ebook copy of this workbook.

The start of the book includes two pages on Exam Tips, including golden rules, calculator tips, understanding of command words, functional questions and the quality of written communication. 

Although this book is specifically for Edexcel students I am sure other exam board students would find it useful as revision questions but not all guidance about exam papers etc may be correct for every student due to different exam boards specific requirements.

In summary, a useful book full of mathematics questions to test your understanding of many of the techniques examined at GCSE level.

I received this book through The Amazon Vine Programme.

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