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Monday, 1 April 2013

Space Penguins by L A Courtenay

Star Attack! - Space Penguins 1Cosmic Crash! - Space Penguins 2 

What's black and white, and flies faster than the speed of light? The Space Penguins! They're the ice-cool crew of the spaceship Tunafish. With their pioneering flying skills and resistance to the deep freeze, these intergalactic avians are going where no fin has gone before. Captain T Krill, Rocky Waddle, Fuzz Allgrin and Splash Gordon are on a mission to explore new planets, rescue alien life, and battle their former comrade-in-wings: Dark Wader. In Star Attack! the crew of the Tunafish pick up a distress signal from a cargo craft, there's snow time to lose. But the Tunafish's daring rescue is canned when the vessel runs into trouble too. What's been luring spacecraft to their doom? This hilarious Space Penguin adventure is sure to appeal to young boys. Full of humour, fishy goings on and adventure this is a fantastic series that will tickle even reluctant boy readers.

This reminds me of the cult favourite 'Red Dwarf'! I believe this will be a firm favourite of school boys  up and down the country and are a great book to get reluctant readers to pick up a book!

There are five main characters, each of whom are introduced at the start of the book with their own little biography. The books are full of humour and I am sure that they will entice a readers imagination - leading to a fascination of space travel and lots of oppurtunity for further reading. Each book sees the space penguins off on an exploration filled with adventure and excitement.

The stories are accompanied by great illustrations by James Davies. 

Thank you to the publishers, Stripes Publishing, for sending me the books to review.

I was surprised to find the author was Lucy Courtenay, who's books I have previously included on this blog, being cute animal reads which my daughter has enjoyed. This book is a completely different style of writing and I am sure she will gain lots of male fans through this new series.

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