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Friday, 16 November 2012

Beautiful: A Beautiful Girl. An Evil Man. One Inspiring True Story of Couragel by Katie Piper

Beautiful: A Beautiful Girl. An Evil Man. One Inspiring True Story of Courage
I heard a horrible screaming sound, like an animal being slaughtered ...then I realised it was me.' When Katie Piper was 24, her life was near perfect. Young and beautiful, she was well on her way to fulfilling her dream of becoming a model. But then she met Daniel Lynch on Facebook and her world quickly turned into a nightmare ...After being held captive and brutally raped by her new boyfriend, Katie was subjected to a vicious acid attack. Within seconds, this bright and bubbly girl could feel her looks and the life she loved melting away. Beautiful is the moving true story of how one young woman had her mind, body and spirit cruelly snatched from her and how she inspired millions with her fight to get them back.

I had never heard of Katie Piper when she was an up and coming model, however her life changed in 2008 when her boyfriend arranged for a vicious attack to be carried out and Katie had acid thrown in her face. She suffered horrific injuries however she battled through many operations and this book tells of her life before the attack and the road to recovery to begin to repair the damage from the horrific attack.

This book was a very true and frank account of Katie's experience and there are some parts which are very hard to read. At many points during the book, I found myself very close to tears but at many parts during the book I was amazed by the courage and bravery of Katie during her journey to recovery.

Writing this book must of bought back many difficult memories to Katie and I must commend her on the courage she showed throughout it.  The book starts at the beginning and tells of childhood and her entrance into the world of modelling before the attack. Following the attack was a lengthy stay in hospital and even now she is still in and out of hospital for operations, many of which are not for cosmetic reasons but for medical reasons.

This book is a great read and is  one which hard hitting and emotional but also very inspiring.  I think Katie is a real role model for people everywhere!

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