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Monday, 19 November 2012

101+ things to do with glitter by Momtaz Begum-Hussain

101 Things to Do with Glitter
There is something magical about glitter. It reminds one of fairy dust or of disco balls, or of the dazzling dresses worn by film stars. Glitter comes in a rainbow of colours and types from the classic glitter well-loved by children to glittery fabrics to spray-on glitter and edible glitter! This book contains over 101 projects that you can create: shimmery fashion, glistening items for the home, shiny gifts and even twinkling food! Not only will you learn a little about how glitter is made and the many types of glitter, but the author also offers tips and techniques for using glitter - and cleaning it up! Projects created by the author and contributors from across the world will inspire readers to add their own touches and release that creative urge that lurks somewhere within us all. The projects range from t-shirts, shoes and tote-bags to lipgloss, bath salts and soaps, to chocolate truffles, glittery jam and iced biscuits and so many more. All, of course, using the right glitter for the job! A book for all ages.

I love crafting and you can always tell when I have been 'playing' as there is glitter everywhere! Therefore when I saw this book I knew it was one I needed.

The book is published by Vivays Publishers and having seen a number of Vivay's books I am really impressed with their style. The photographs play a big part within the book and they are often full page pictures which show the finished project at its best.

The book begins with a look at the nation's love affair with glitter through the ages, dating back to ancient Greece, Egypt and the Romans, through to the present day and a look into the future. It also includes an interesting look into what glitter actually is and how it is made and also the types of glitter available on the market today. The book lists 24 different types of glitter. There is a useful section entitled Glitter SOS which includes great advice on how to apply glitter and also how to tidy glitter away - one that I will be reading, digesting and utilising in the run up to the festive period and all those cards to make!

There is also a section entitled 'Capturing Inspiration' which would be perfect for any budding fashionistas or students, giving ideas about keeping a sketchbook for inspiration or samples as well as mood boards or virtual images. There is a double on basic materials in a craft stash and another on special materials.There are a number of master it! pages which break down, into easy, manageable steps which talk you through each stage of basic techniques which are used in many of the projects used later on in the book. These include techniques such as making your own glitter card and foam, using Angelina fibres, clay, applique, decoupage to name but a few.

The rest of the book includes many project ideas which are categorised into sections entitled: Fashion and Accessories; Homes and Interiors; Gifts and Food; and Card and Papercraft. The projects are accompanied by fantastic photographs which show them at their best. Each project has a list of 'ingredients' needed from Crafty Stash, along with the type of glitter suited best to the project. The project is split into easy step by step instructions which are simple to follow and comprehensible while also being complete, leaving nothing to 'guess'. There are top tips for ways to adapt the project using different or reclaimed materials, ways to decorate your home using the finished pieces or alternatives to the finished project shown. There is also a note on each page called 'Glitter 101+' which give additional help or guidance on a part of the technique. The book finishes off with lots of templates which are used in the projects in the book.

I really enjoyed looking through the book and I think that this book includes gift ideas for just about any occasion and anybody. There are ideas which the children could do, with some supervision, and make their own gifts for others. Other projects could be inspiration for crafty ideas to while away the long winter nights.  The book will make you look at anything you see in a different light - with a sparkle of glitter things can be turned from the dull and boring to the sparkly and fantastic!!

This would make a great gift for a crafter of any age - I am considering giving this to my daughter for Christmas, she is only 10 years old, but is a budding crafter and loves glitter. However, I would also feel able to buy this book for some of my friends as glitter is loved by (most) women!

I received this book from the publishers, Vivays Publishers, in return for an honest review.

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