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Monday, 6 July 2015

Blog Tour - The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton

The Quality of Silence (Hardback)

On 24th November Yasmin and her deaf daughter Ruby arrive in Alaska. Within hours they are driving alone across a frozen wilderness Where nothing grows Where no one lives Where tears freeze And night will last for another fifty-four days. They are looking for Ruby's father. Travelling deeper into a silent land. They still cannot find him. And someone is watching them in the dark.

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group

ISBN: 9780349408125

Rosamund Lupton has written some fantastic books: Sister and Afterwards, both of which have been international bestsellers and this, her third book, I believe is heading the same way.

Telling the story of Yasmin and Ruby, who is deaf, mother and daughter travel to Alaska in search of Ruby's father. They are starting on a long journey which leads them deeper into the Alaskan landscape, where they never feel they are alone. This landscape is a fantastic backdrop to the story, which keeps the reader on their toes throughout the book. 

Lupton's fantastic writing style continues as a brilliant storyteller. The storytelling is haunting but beautiful, often at a break neck speed as the hunt for Ruby's father continues to gather pace, leaving them both in peril. It is one of those books which are hard to put down, always wanting to know what will happen next. However, although this book is a thriller, there are also moments of humour, in Ruby's narrative, and also an insight into living with deafness where the environment is seen in a different way, with other senses heightened as one is lost. 

I would recommend this book to existing fans of Lupton, however it is also a fantastic introduction into Lupton's books which never fail to impress. 

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