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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

One Special Christmas by M Christinia Butler and Tina Macnaughton

One Special Christmas

Just in time for Christmas, a brand-new Little Hedgehog book by Little Hedgehog creators M Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton. With wonderfully wintry illustrations and soft touch-and-feels throughout One Special Christmas is the perfect festive tale!
It’s Christmas — but poor Santa has a cold! So Little Hedgehog sets out with a sledge full of presents. "Santa’s helper is on the way!" But there are too many presents for one little hedgehog to handle! Perhaps he needs some help from his friends?

This is a perfect book to share with a child in the build up to Christmas. It is full of Christmas cheer and the ideal winter weather - which could be enjoyed, cuddled up together on a Sunday afternoon.

The story is suitable for a slightly older child, 5+, due to the story being longer, but will be enjoyed by children of all ages. The illustrations are beautiful - they are beautifully drawn animals who, although they have a slight cartoony appearance, are beautiful and realistic. There is also an added bonus to this book - it is a 'touch and feel' book. Some of the pages are additionally embellished with a strokable texture - a great addition to the illustrations.

This is a great gift to give this Christmas - something which has a hint of Father Christmas but is about the season of giving and also the power of friendship. 

Thank you to the publishers, Little Tiger, for sending me the book to review.

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