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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Butterfly and the Birthday Surprise (Fairies of Blossom Bakery) by Mandy Archer and Kirsteen Harris-Jones

Fairies of Blossom Bakery: Butterfly and the Birthday Surprise - Cupcake Fairies 4

Butterfly wants everything to be perfect for her perfect birthday party. She's got her dress, her cake and the fairies are helping her with the invites and decoration. But when it rains and everybody has to go home the other fairies help to save the day! A gorgeous series about fairies, friendship and baking!

A series of books about the Blossom Bakery fairies, six fairies who all bake and each have their own favourite bakes. In this instalment, Butterfly is organising the best birthday party ever, however, as is often in life, rain hampers premade plan!

The book begins with a map of Blossom Bakery, a land where all the fairies live. Just looking at the map I want to know more about the land as there is Princess Crystals Royal Palace , along with Goblin Grotto and Dark Wood Cave.  Although the book is a picture story it is more suitable for older children as the story is rather long, with big chunks of story on each page. The pictures all look hand drawn and are great pieces of work - the only thing missing from the illustrations is a little fairy magic glittering! The book ends with a cupcake recipe straight from Blossom Bakery.

This would be a great book for fairy loving cupcake making girls. It would be a great present along with some cake decorating materials to decorate the recipe at the back of the book. As it is part of a series, I am sure lots of little girls will enjoy collecting the whole series. It would also be perfect as a theme for a birthday party.

Thank you to the publishers, Random House Children's Books, for sending me the book to review. 

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