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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Doug the Bug that went Boing! by Sue Hendra

Doug the Bug

Doug and Trevor are best friends who love playing in the garden. But one day Doug gets dug up! Stuck at the top of a tower block can Doug find his way back to his friend or will he be trapped forever?

Doug and Trevor, best friends who love playing together, however they always argue over who's turn it is to fetch the Berry Ball when the ball gets stuck in a flower. Doug always ends up going to fetch the ball, but on this occasion he ends up being scooped up by a shovel and put in a flowerpot at the top of block of flats. Doug has quite the adventure finding his way back down to the garden and Trevor.

This is a fun book which children of all ages will enjoy. There are lots of funny events which children will enjoy - Doug has quite an adventure on his way home, nearly ending up in someone's breakfast, the toilet and the bin. 

The illustrations accompany the story perfectly and tell the story well, allowing young children the opportunity to tell their family and/or peers the story without reading the words. The pictures are bright and colourful, while simplistic and eye-catching. 

This is a fantastic book which children will enjoy picking up and looking at. The author, Sue Hendra, has also written No-Bot which I have reviewed on this blog.

Thank you to the publishers, Simon and Schuster Children's Books, for sending me the book to review.

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