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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Staradust Stables: A Star is Born by Sable Hamilton

A Star is Born - Stardust Stables Bk.1

Welcome to Stardust Stables - only daredevil riders need apply! Stardust is a stables with a difference...Set in the Colorado mountains, it's home to the super-talented kids who are stunt riders for movie stars! New girl, Kami, can't wait to join the team at Stardust, but she soon discovers that life there isn't all glitz and glamour - there's plenty of mucking out to do ...not to mention the hours of training! When a studio comes looking for a stunt girl for a major new movie, Kami is eager to get the job, but will she have enough experience to rise to the challenge?

Many girls go through a 'phase' of liking horses and dream of horse riding, now I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I never liked horses or dreamt of horse riding lessons, although that may have been due to a donkey ride on Weston Super Mare beach where the donkey went as fast as he could in order to return to his lunch as quickly as possible. Because of this when I received this book I was unsure of if I would enjoy it, however I soon found that this was no usual horsey book, this was Rodeo riding and stunts galore!

Set in America, Kami has a summer placement at the famous Stardust Stables where she is set to learn about how to be a stunt rider and is soon set to audition to become a stunt double in a Hollywood film. The book follows Kami through the summer, learning the skills, nervous about the audition and then success as she wins the part, however could disaster be about to cut short her delight when a rival horse trainer tries to sabotage her chance when he lets out the horses before they are due to travel to the airport??

This is a good read for horse fans everywhere. As I have previously said, this book is different to many of the horse stories on the book market at the moment and has a great story which includes a young girl's nerves of being away from home, her friends and her beloved horses, an opportunity to learn a new skill while living with her peers and then being up against these peers in a competition/audition for the opportunity to star in a film.

The author has written many books for both children and young adults and this book is the first in a new series about Stardust Stables. I am sure it will be another popular series for the author and I will be looking forward to reading the next instalment from the stables soon.

I would recommend this to readers aged 9+ who enjoy stories about horses but want something a bit different.

Thank you to the publishers, Stripes Publishing, for sending me this book to review.

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