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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Tango Tangle (Strictly Come Dancing 1) by Chloe Medley

Tango Tangle - Strictly Come Dancing 1
The mega-hit BBC show, Strictly Come Dancing, quicksteps its way into a brand new young fiction series. Join the girls at the Strictly Dance Academy and experience all the fun and glamour of Strictly Come Dancing! Bella loves to dance! So when an invitation arrives to audition for Strictly Dance Academy Bella can't wait to try out. But there are so many other talented girls with the same dream. Can Bella dazzle the judges and beat the competition to take her place under the glitterball spotlight? Prepare to be swept off your feet in this fantastic new series that is a must-read for anyone who has ever wished they could be a part of the glamorous world of Strictly Come Dancing. Strictly Come Dancing (or Dancing with the Stars as it is known in the US) is a key BBC one show and can be seen in over 75 countries with approximate worldwide viewing figures standing at 250 million. "It's amazing and a really exciting book to read!" Grace, 7 "The pictures were beautiful and I think all girls of my age will love it!" Aimee, 10 "It made me think I was really at Strictly!" Lucy, 7 "I loved the Bella adventures. There were wonderful descriptions of the characters." Josie, 7 "The book is really, really good. It's almost like I'm there watching." Sigalia, 7 "I can't wait to read the next book." Susan, 8 "I like the characters very much and am looking forward to the next book." Eden, 8 "Once you start it, you can't stop reading it!" Levana, 8 "I enjoyed reading this book because I loved the characters." Mira, 8 "So much fun - especially the dancing bits!" Janine, 7 "ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I'd like to go to the Strictly Academy ...if there was one!" Sterrett, 7 "It's really good!" Leora, 6

Along with many more thousands I am looking forward to the new series of Strictly Come Dancing. I have heard that the Tracy Beaker actress, Dani Harmer, will be part of this years line up and I think that this will bring a new audience to the show, the younger children. I know my daughter is already asking to stay up and watch it, and I think these books will become very popular in the run up to Christmas (I know it is only September, sorry for mentioning that word so early).

The book follows a girl who auditions for the Strictly Dance Academy. The story is very true to life and the story includes the highs and lows of dance auditions which I think makes it stands out as a good book for children to read, not just having a story where everything goes right for the main character. 

There are  great illustrations throughout the story which accompany it well. They are beautifully drawn.  There are also added extras in the book - each book (this is book one in the series) has a piece about one of the professional Strictly dancers - this one includes a piece about Flavia.

This is a great accompaniment to the popular television show and I am sure this will be a popular series. I would recommend it to any young fans of the show or to any junior dancers - it could be read by readers age 7+ or could be a bedtime story, read to by their peers.

I received this book through the Amazon Vine Programme.

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