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Monday, 20 February 2012

Get Fit for the Games, Every woman's total fitness workout by Peta Bee

London 2012: Get Fit for the Games

The London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games are not just events for athletes hoping to win medals, they are also realistic dates by which we can all improve our fitness. "Get fit for the Games" is the official London 2012 book for anyone wishing to improve their levels of exercise and general well-being in the run-up to the Games. Written by leading fitness journalist, Peta Bee, and featuring 70 exercises, the book includes advice on how to get started and is designed around three levels of exercise programme - Bronze, Silver and Gold, each illustrated with specially commissioned step-by-step photographs. The countdown to London 2012 has begun and "Get fit for the Games" gives us all the opportunity to tone up and feel great in time for the world's greatest sporting.

This is an official London 2012 licensed publication. The book has three different exercise programmes detailed within it, and are called Bronze, Silver and Gold, something for everyone!

The book is very clearly laid out and starts right from basics: before any exercise is discussed, there is a section about getting started safely - any health concerns should be checked out before beginning any exercise. Aerobic fitness, strength fitness and stretching and flexibility are explained and the main muscles of the body identified. This section is clearly explained in plain English. All technical terminology is explained in basic terms. The section is completed by a discussion about correct clothing and equipment.

The next section enables you to assess your own fitness level which will enable you to choose the correct workout level for you. The section details a number of exercises to be carried out and the number of repetitions done will enable you to decide which level is right for you. Each exercise/test is clearly written down and also accompanied by photographs which demonstrate the correct position and/ or movement.

Throughout the book there are boxes with Do you know? facts - which includes information about Olympians both past and present and information about muscles of the body, many of which are encouraging while trying to keep (get) fit.

The three exercise programmes are broken into easy steps, with all exercises detailed and accompanied by fantastic photographs. There are tips for if exercises are too easy or too difficult and give lots of encouragement. The end of the chapter also includes a summary of the program, with suggested order of exercises and a gauge of if you are working hard enough?

Throughout the book there are some great ideas for keeping exercise fun and interesting and ways to improve your performance. The book is very motivational and includes ideas and solutions for many different things which could discourage people from exercise. There are lots of photographs to accompany the exercises, but also photographs of former and future Olympians.

There are fantastic exercise programs to follow but also important information about diet and lifestyles to give the full package of ideas and support.

I would recommend this as a great idea for a woman who wanted to get fit, but wanted a plan that they could take at their own pace and do in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Thank you to the publishers, Carlton, for sending me the book to review.

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